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► TWF Additional equipment - MRS Temporary roadways

MOBILE ROAD SYSTEM - Temporary roadways rent at TWF  

Our Mobile Road System ground protection tiles are available in three different
categories. They are used to to protect the ground by building temporary access
roads or parking lots.

They serve to protect or secure the subsoil and, above all, prevent it from getting
stuck in mud or snow and guarantee the safe movement of man and machine off-road.

Unsightly ruts, plaster abrasion and other damages of the ground are avoided thereby.
Furthermore, they offer a high flexibility, e.g. for the hassle-free crossing of obstacles
or curbs or at music festivals and other large outdoor events.

MRS Bilderreihe 1

MRS - light
MRS light Doppelbild

►   Features
      The MRS - light is extremely flexible and elastic, adapts perfectly
      to the respective ground and protects sensitive surfaces.

    The panels can be used as a temporary access road
       or off-road parking space for crane vehicles with up
       to two tonnes of wheel load.
    easy to transport
    requires little space
    low transport costs


MRS - medium
MRS medium Doppelbild

►   Features
      Another innovation is the MRS - medium panel. The heavy-duty
      mat withstands even the highest loads (130 t) and can be laid
      manually. The newly designed profile with standardized ruts is
      suitable for driving over with a pallet truck or wheelbarrow..

    For use on smaller construction sites, up to the heavy load use of tracked
      vehicles and heavy construction machinery. It offers application possibilities
      for event, construction and communal infrastructure. Two people lay without
      additional aids up to 60 MRS - medium panels per hour.


MRS - heavy
MRS heavy Doppelbild

►   Features
      The MRS - heavy soil protection plates are screwed together.
      The result is a fixed, both in length and width, driveway or working
      platform. The load-bearing capacity of the ground is optimized considerably.
      The panels are designed for particularly heavy loads and vehicles.

    temporary access roads to the construction site
    Crane and assembly platforms (e.g. wind energy)
    in power line construction etc.


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MRS - Temporary Roads - for technical parameters (dimensions, weight, terms of 3 Systeme 2
use etc.) please refer to the data sheets. PDF-Download 

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